Review Kindergarten Ostrava

When we ordered the MUFFIK orthopaedic floor for our kindergarten in Ostrava, we had no idea what to do with it and what we could expect.
The floor is very attractive for children thanks to the different coloured puzzles, so they look for it in the room.
They really like the puzzle system, where they can make various paths around the room, play games where teams move the same number of puzzles from one place to another, jump on puzzles and imagine that there are sea animals around them, for example. The floor is another way to playfully lead activities for children from gross to fine motor skills. And because the floor is washable, nothing prevents us from taking it into the school garden. When using the orthopae- dic floor, we focused more on the foot arch and children with various problems appeared. They were sent by the teachers to see experts and now some children have had their issues corrected. That’s why we see great potential in the orthopaedic floor for possible prevention or identification of these defects. The teachers and children in our kindergarten are very satisfied with the floor, and parents are also satisfied when their children are happy. This is also confirmed by the fact that some parents bought the floor for home use and continue in the kindergarten activities.

Kindergarten director in Ostrava, Hornická 43A