About brand

MUFFIK is family and dynamically developing company based in a small town in South Moravia, Czech Republic.

The biggest motivation to create orthopaedic floors were our youngest members. As true sportsmen and recent parents, in 2016 we have decided to set up a mite team for children from the age of 2. As the time went by, we started to notice certain disbalances in the movement of the children. Valgus ankles and knees, W seat, sunken arch, flat feet and the resulting weakened centre of the body, diastasis (spacing of the abdominal cavity) and general poor movement patterns and posture.

We kept asking ourselves what we could do about that. With the colleagues from physiotherapy, we were looking for a way how to strengthen knees and ankles and also firm the centre of the body. It was a nice summer day…Our one-year old son walked barefoot on little sharp pebbles and his sole contracted, then he jumped on the grass where his sole stretched out. He balanced on an old tree stump and jumped on a big stone. And there the idea of getting the right natural stimuli from outside to every home, nursery or school arose.

And this is how MUFFIK came into existence (MUFF is a nickname of our children). We can proudly say that MUFFIK is a family company which keeps developing with every step of our children. All the patterns are designed with love and checked with an eagle-eye of Czech physiotherapists and podiatrists. The quality and materials we use are declared by the strictest certification institutes which are the German Dekra and Czech ITC Zlín. Thanks to this, our MUFFIK floors can be used even by the youngest (0 to 1 year). We would like to thank to the parents who send us feedback in a form of photos with great results of their children. We would also like to thank to physiotherapists and paediatricians who recommend us and do not only prescribe shoe insoles.

What we are most proud of is success between the biggest critics who are children. Children love MUFFIK.