Review of a children's physiotherapist

Hello, I would like to thank you very much for MUFFIK ortho floor. I really like that they are inspired by natural surfaces so I decided to try them. I have to say that they look great in my pediatrist physiotherapist office! I sent few puzzles to kindergarten as well, as a Christmas gift to children and it surprised how great idea it was! When my twins (4 years old) found a hedgehog, seashells, logs or dino eggs they were so excited! I really didn’t see this coming! It is unbelievable what games they come up with and what it does (except the sensorimotor effect which motivated me to buy MUFFIK) with their imagination. I believe that children in the kindergarten will be as excited as my twins. I think that you can easily see their enthusiasm from photos and videos, so if you are hesitating, let my children help you with deciding.