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The biggest inspiration for floor design is nature, where we find the most natural surfaces for our feet. We are direct manufacturers and we cooperate on development with the University of Ostrava. We have obtained safety certificates for our products.

  1. Proper holding of the arch

  2. Recommended by experts

  3. Development of motor skills

  4. For all ages


Health and preventives benefits

MUFFIK orthopedic puzzles for correct gait and overall posture development, especially for strengthening the centre of the body and the deep stabilisation system. Stimulating the feet and balance elements of the pads act as a prevention to flat feet, sunken arches, valgus ankles and knees. It is also very successful in alleviating and eliminating problems that have already arisen.

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Watch our game and exercise videos

Would you like to exercise on the floors with children and you don't know how to do it? Take a look at our youtube channel, where you will find videos inspired by games and activities with floors. We add new videos and tutorials on how to play with MUFFIK puzzles regularly.

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