Review from the Mother's Center Mamina

“It is absolutely great. We like the bigger ones very much. The kids play with all of them.”

“The most favourite puzzle of my kids is definitely hedgehog”

“The mini ones are unfolding on the carpet, children were more excited about the bigger ones”

“These puzzles are perfect not only for children, adults can also have fun”

“We like them. Hedgehog is the best”

"We bought Muffik orthopedic mats on the basis of a recommendation from my friend who is physiotherapist as an to physio exercise. At first I was skeptical, but experience showed me that my worries were unnecessary. Our set consists of colorful pieces of various hardness and shapes. The children are so excited about them and move them as they like and walk around them not only during the exercise, but also use them to play various games. Adults can easily walk on them as well. I also like that they are easy to maintain. I simply clean them with a whisk or shower them and let them dry. There is no need to pay as much attention to them as at the ones made at home, so that something does not break off or peel off. So for me, the Muffik puzzles were definitely a great choice."