Flexible Muffik enters the red corner with a clear head, confidently, ready to start the duel with his opponent. In the blue corner, with inconspicuous smirks, the Sensorimotor Rug stretches his rug hair.

Who'll be the winner? Or will it be a tie? I dare say that it'll be very exciting and the result will remain uncertain for a long time. Or not? You'll find out at the end of the article. No, wait! Don't skip it and continue reading.

Muffik orthopedic floors are made from soft PVC with a high load capacity and you can put them practically anywhere. In the children's room, in the kitchen, bathroom, in the shower, outside on the terrace, on the balcony, in the office and without having to worry what might happen to them. What if they get wet? What if they get dirty? How to clean them? Don't worry. In case of getting dirty, wash them using a shower hose or use Muffik Bio Cleaner in case of emergency. They are made in so many colours and you can choose your favourite combination. Everyone will find their own favourite: from lovers of rich colours, through crazy rainbow combinations to subtle natural tones. By having the shape of a puzzle, they can be arranged into an endless carpet that can be constantly expanded. You can always arrange them in a different shape and children train fine motor skills while doing so. We started the production of storage boxes for better storage of the Muffik pieces when putting them aside. And if you don't like this material, you can try the ECO Set made of wood-plastic composite.

Sensorimotor rugs are much nicer to look at for some, and yes, I myself think they are beautiful when I see what shapes are produced and that they can be tailor-made, but are they also functional enough? It's easy to make them yourself, isn't it? It's not that easy. That's what I thought before I tried it myself. The rug looked beautiful, but the child, who is curious and especially patient, tears-off the individual parts (especially the sponges) and it no longer looks nice. Furthermore, it became uncleanable after a few weeks. I'd have to bend over backwards to make it look like it used to. Maybe a bad choice for a doormat? God knows. I had the opportunity to try the sensorimotor rug made by one company in the summer. I was surprised by the strength of the individual pieces, how perfectly they were attached to the mat, as well as their choice and the tightness of the pompoms, which even the most patient child could not tear-off. They look beautiful, as a decoration in the children's room. You can have your child's name on it, but...

The result of this duel is exactly what each of you sees with your unique view. You have a crossroads ahead of you. You can clearly see the differences between the routes. But it's up to you which way you go.

Karol Tišerová - Succesful Czech Mama Blogger