Reviews of Olivova Children's Medical Institution - A Year with MUFFIK

We have been using Muffik sensorimotor floor mats for more than a year, not only in obstacle courses and sensorimotor stimulation education but also in outpatient clinics. To facilitate children's (and parents') feet, we learn to recognize soft and hard surfaces. Thanks to Muffik, the foot can get used to different surfaces even in the winter months, when outside weather conditions don't allow barefoot walking. Thanks to the mats, the feet learn to adapt to different surfaces, and children can better engage the small muscles of the forefoot, toes, and shins. We train stability on 3D floor mats such as the snake and the island. I like to use them as an exercise tool for postural problems and as a very popular tool for correcting valgus heels and hyperpronation of the feet or ankle instability. 

I recommend Muffik mats to mothers for home use, especially because of the different surface hardness and the variability provided by the 3D parts. I also like the easy maintenance and cheerful colour scheme.

Both the therapists and the children from the Olivova Institution use Muffiks very much, and I thank you for sending them.

Markéta Cyrusová