The Muffik itself is truly easy to maintain. Such a perfect member of the household, which gives us the maximum, but in return does not need anything. Even so, he deserves proper wellness and care on our part occasionally. He circulates our feet and hands, solves our health problems, entertains our children in an incredible number of different ways, carries all the weight of bodies of various weights, and therefore we should be able to return it to him with love. But would you know how to do it?

As for regular (even daily) care, an ordinary vacuum cleaner is enough to for Muffik and you don't have to disassemble a specific set or do something more. This way, I personally take care of him a few times a week to get rid of larger lumps and dust. It also depends quite individually how many feet walk on it and in what part of house it is located.

If Muffik is more clogged but not dirty, all you have to do is knock him out in such a way that you always take two puzzles and hit one piece by another. I usually do this method once a week and I rearrange it in a different shape or layout at the babyclub and at home. Notice how the room or space looks a little different again. All you have to do is change the assembly slightly.

Once in a while, give him a bath in the form of a pleasantly warm shower, which will wash away all dirt from it. He will enjoy it as much as we enjoy the bath. And just as we need soap or shower gel for the body, you can combine a warm shower with a special cleanser developed just for him.

Bio cleaner is a natural spray cleaner with a delicate scent, with which you can take care of Muffik. We also don't want to spray any chemicals all over our body. We try to read the composition and choose gentle cosmetics. Let’s think the same way about the things we love - even if they're inanimate. Spray Bio cleaner on Muffik before the shower or after the shower and then let the individual parts dry separately or wipe them with a cloth. Depending on what parts you are taking care of.

You can also use the cleaner outside the shower. All you have to do is spray it on Muffik where he is and wipe with a cloth. The cleaner has a wide and gentle spray, is gentle on the skin and has not been tested on animals. With Muffik living his unassuming life most of the time, one bottle will last you a long time. This way you can take care of Muffik, for example in the kitchen, where we have a magic carpet with palms and feet. It serves as a footstool at the kitchen and is very pleasant for us there. Just watch out for the spices that stain - for example, curry, unfortunately, you will have it on Muffik forever.

Treat Muffik the way you want Muffik to treat you :)

Karol Tišerová - Succesful Czech Mama Blogger