Set of orthopedic mats - Tactile memory game

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Catalog number: MFK-070

You all know the memory game well. We will now introduce it to you in a slightly unusual way. This memory game isn’t focused on visual search because pairs are found by touch.  Without the use of sight, participants try to combine a mini-puzzle they are holding in their hands with a large puzzle of the same texture that they walk on. 

The transfer of sensations from the feet to the hands increases concentration and attention, influencing the development of fine motor skills, intelligence, and memory of the child by connecting the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

The variety of surfaces on which they walk is most important for proper arch formation and strengthening of the entire muscle tone of the lower limbs and core. Exercise your mind and body with the MUFFIK Tactile memory game.

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In stock 175 sets.
  • Brand Muffik
  • Material Softened PVC
  • Dimensions Classic: 29,79 x 29,79 cm Mini: 14,25 x 17,3 cm

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Detailed description

•      Increased concentration and attention

•      Development of fine motor skills, intelligence, and memory

•      Connecting the right and left hemispheres of the brain

•      Diverse surface important for first steps

•      Strengthens the feet, ankles, knees, and the core

•      Eliminates tiptoeing

•      Reflex massage

•      Acupuncture massage

•      Stimulates the sole of the foot

•      Prevention and rehabilitation of flat arches

Contains (12pcs):

1x Grass soft

1x Coast firm

1x Meadow soft

1x Seashells firm

1x Grass soft mini

1x Snail firm mini

1x Meadow soft mini

1x Starfish firm mini

1x Grass keychain

1x Snail keychain

1x Meadow keychain

1x Seashells keychain

We have put together the sets in cooperation with physiotherapists and have discounted the price compared to individual pieces.

What do physiotherapists say? ‘Little is needed to bring your feet to life. Use them. Use them as they were designed (barefoot) and on the terrain originally intended for them (natural surfaces). Diversity is welcome, as well as walking on stones, grass, forest path.’ That’s what our set offers.

Tested according to EU standard EN 71-1:2014 + A1:2018 and EN 71-2:2011 + A1:2014 and EN 71-3:2019-08