Magnetic Car Track set

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Catalog number: MFK-068

We would like to introduce a new, long-awaited member of the MUFFIK family, the Magnetic Car Track.

Build the track according to your own imagination.

There are curves, straight lines and crossroads at your disposal. You can decorate the track with signs or barriers that, thanks to the built-in magnet in them and in the track, will always stay in place.

€49.65 / set
€41.03 excl. VAT
In stock 268 sets.
  • Brand Muffik
  • Material Softened PVC
  • Dimensions 14,25 × 17,3 cm

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Detailed description

The size of the track is set so that any car you already have at home can run on it. Thanks to the intuitive lock, even the little ones will be able to assemble the tracks. This lock is fully compatible with MUFFIK orthopaedic mat locks, allowing you to decorate the track's surroundings to your liking. Surround it with woods, meadow, grass, or even the coast. Children will play while stimulating the soles of their feet, strengthening their ankles and the centre of their body.

A car track and an orthopaedic aid at the same time? Why not! That's what Magnetic Car Track is here for!

Set contains (17 pcs):

1x Long straight line

1x Short straight line

1x Crossroads

4x Left turn

2x Right turn

8x Magnetic traffic signs

Tested according to EU standard EN 71-1:2014 + A1:2018 and EN 71-2:2011 + A1:2014 and EN 71-3:2019-08

Maximum dimensions of the individual parts of the track: 17,3 cm x 14,3 cm

Not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Contains small parts that can be swallowed.