Hidden risks of sedentary work

Sitting in front of the computer for long periods is not good for our health, especially if we do not compensate for the time spent sitting with physical activity. Health problems ranging from aching backs and swollen legs to varicose veins and overweight to cardiovascular disease are never far behind.

According to the World Health Organization, sedentary work is considered the fourth biggest "killer" of the adult population. According to studies, someone who sits for more than six hours a day for long periods is up to 40% more likely to die sooner than someone who sits at work for three hours a day.

Few people realize how dangerous sedentary work can be and what it can do for our health.


1. Back pain

Back pain due to muscle loss is one of the many negative consequences of a sedentary lifestyle.

The pain is usually caused by fatigue and one-sided static pressure on muscles, ligaments, and joints, which occurs mainly in sedentary jobs.


2. Cervicocranial syndrome

Cervicocranial syndrome is manifested by pain in the cervical spine or head, pain in the ears and gums, or pressure pain behind the eyes. This problem can also lead to tinnitus (whistling in the ears) or blurred vision with a limited field of vision.

This is a consequence of faulty posture of the whole body, especially the cervical spine. 


3. Overweight and circulatory disorders 

Those who spend most of the day sedentary often also suffer from a lack of exercise, putting them at risk of obesity and, disturbances in fat and carbohydrate metabolism and raising cholesterol levels.


4. High blood pressure

At the same time, these people often suffer from high blood pressure. As a result, they are at increased risk of myocardial infarction and stroke.


5. Leg pain or swelling

Leg pain may be associated with blockages in the sacral region, or the cause may be of vascular origin. Sitting with the feet on the ground can cause compression of the blood vessels in the back of the thigh.


6. Bloating and constipation

Lack of exercise can lead to bloating, abdominal pain, and constipation, among other things.


7. Anxiety and depression

People who sit most of the day are also at higher risk of developing anxiety and depression. Those who don't move enough actually age faster. 

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