Contrasting colours for baby's development: How to choose toys and accessories?

In the first months of life, babies' visual perception is limited, but it gradually develops, and babies begin to distinguish shapes, movements, and colours. One of the best ways to encourage this development is through contrasting colors. These colors, such as black and white, are easily recognizable to babies and can help stimulate visual perception and overall development. 

Why are contrasting colours important? 

Sight is one of babies' main senses for exploring the world around them. In the first weeks and months of life, their eyes are best attuned to high contrast because they cannot yet fully distinguish the full spectrum of colours. Contrasting colours, such as black and white, are easy to distinguish and help babies focus on basic shapes and patterns, which is the first step to recognizing objects and people. 

How to choose products with contrasting colours? 

When choosing toys, books, and other learning tools for babies, it is important to look for those that use contrasting colours. Toys and accessories with simple black-and-white patterns promote visual development and help babies develop attention and concentration. 

One innovative way to incorporate contrasting colours into your baby's development is the MUFFIK orthopedic mats in Black on White. Thanks to their contrasting design, these mats stimulate visual development and support babies' motor development and coordination. In addition, thanks to the different surface structures of the MUFFIK orthopedic mats, your little ones' feet are stimulated to develop better, which is essential for proper orthopedic development.

Why not skip the orthopedic mats?

 MUFFIK orthopedic mats offer a unique combination of benefits that support your baby's healthy development:

·       Stimulation of visual perception: The contrasting black and white design helps develop babies' ability to recognize shapes and patterns.

·       Support motor development: The different surfaces of the mats stimulate tactile perception and help develop motor skills.

·       Orthopedic benefits: The mats' specific structures promote correct posture and muscle development, which is crucial for healthy growth.

 By choosing MUFFIK orthopedic mats for your baby, you support its visual and motor development and contribute to its healthy orthopedic growth. Appropriately selected toys and teaching aids, such as these mats, can significantly contribute to your child's harmonious development.