What else could MUFFIK offer us, huh? We have the perfect nature-inspired puzzle, the perfect mini-puzzle sets, eco-friendly sets, magic carpets, balance beam, fun tactile memory game, and cute key chains. So, you would think that nothing new, interesting, or even better could come along. But we were very mistaken. 

MUFFIK has recently introduced a novelty in the form of magical Rotana sets, which are essentially rotating plates, but at the same time, meet the concept of MUFFIK floor mats, and their shape fits in with the others. So, you can literally set it in the middle of the whole set.

The Magical Rotana set contains a total of two pieces of rotating plates in turquoise or lilac combined with dark grey. The delicate pastel colours fit in interestingly with the other MUFFIK pieces you already have at home. But, at the same time, they are an unmissable accessory that everyone will notice at first sight. 

In the baby club, I hid them in the regular MUFFIK set on purpose in case someone noticed them. The reactions of children and parents were immediate. I am fascinated by how everyone here already knows it, that they immediately recognize what is different and what is new. Only agile enthusiasm was suddenly shaken by confusing movements and a look of surprise that it was spinning - which was perhaps the funniest thing I've yet seen in connection with MUFFIK. Imagine the slight panic and the laughter in the children's eyes at the same time :-D. 

The children were enthusiastic, and the Rotana set is currently the most used one. When MUFFIK is just folded up so the kids can ride their bikes and scooters, they always pull out at least Rotana and spin on it. Of course, only the little ones can't do it all by themselves yet. They have to be held by their parents. But they enjoy it all the more because they relax, and spin like in the fastest dance creations. 

For example, if you're on the phone for a long time, you're definitely walking around or scribbling something on paper. In our baby club, the callers go to Rotana to rotate, putting one foot to one disc, and rotating. It is relaxing and mind-relaxing but also empowering without you even knowing it. In this rotation method, you strengthen the deep stabilization system of the core and the entire middle of the body. The set is also ideal for developing coordination and balance.

You can easily incorporate it into an obstacle course in combination with other movement elements - for example, a bench, ladders, stairs, slide, trampoline, etc. You don't have to worry if it can hold your weight. The load capacity of this set is up to 150 kg. You can try rotating with both feet on one disc or alternate rotational movements using both discs. There are no limits to your imagination, and anyway, the best ideas are always those spontaneous ones that come to you on the spot. 

Karol Tišerová (Rotana set) - Successful Czech Mama Blogger