MUFFIK strives to appeal to a wide range of customers and reach diverse households. You can buy sets for the first steps of small children, for the prevention and solution of various movement problems in small and big kids, to stimulate the feet of the elderly, but its goals are even higher. That's why we also think about our pets - especially our dogs, who often live with us in apartments, usually having a concrete jungle all around. We have to get out of town with them so they can have quality time, but what if we can't? 

There may be situations in which we have to choose the easiest way: the grass around the apartment block or a small garden near the house. We may be sick after surgery, have a cast on our leg, or it may not be us as owners but the dogs themselves who need rehabilitation after an injury or surgery.   

Already in many countries around the world, dogs walk, run on, train with, and learn commands on MUFFIK puzzles. This way, dogs can also adapt to different surfaces they are not used to and may not have encountered before. 

Thanks to MUFFIK, such puppies can perceive different types of surfaces early in their lives and thus start their perception with the help of receptors in their paws. After all, it takes a while before you and your puppy can explore the outdoors on various surfaces at the right time of year and without bad weather. Unfortunately, not everyone has such options immediately, it's not always possible right away, and the MUFFIK set is a great compromise and a way to stimulate as soon as possible. 

The special MUFFIK set for pets contains a total of 8 pieces and includes, for example, hard grass, hard pebbles, hard nuts, or soft roots. It is recommended for kennels, canister therapy, training centres of all kinds, and home use. 

Dogs also come to our baby club from time to time, both a tiny Chihuahua and a dog the size of a pony. In the beginning, it was obvious how they avoided MUFFIK, but after a few sniffs and trials, they got used to it and took it as a natural part of the whole space. It has never happened that they would bite or try to damage MUFFIK in any way. 

And I am glad that MUFFIK has a more diverse use in the baby club. 

Tišerová Karol (Dog Set) - Successful Czech Mama Blogger