I have mentioned several times that Muffik may not only stimulate our feet, but it also stimulates our palms beautifully. It was the involvement of the palms when playing with Muffik that the girls loved. You can use them to explore different patterns or warm them up by rubbing the surface. Personally, I like to play with the key chain in my pockets :-).

By developing sensorimotor functions, we help children to develop properly. But, with this tactile set, they also develop their imagination and have to concentrate on connecting the same patterns, which differ not only in colours but also in size. So, it may not be entirely easy for them. 

The tactile memory game set contains a total of 12 pieces in three different sizes. Large pieces that are the basic building blocks of Muffik, mini puzzles (these are probably the most popular ones in our house), and key chains young and old like alike. There are always triplets in the same or very similar pattern.

In addition to pattern recognition, children also practice colours. Sit the children next to each other and let them first become familiar with a sight so that they can remember all the available patterns. After a while, piece by piece, they begin to explore tactilely to connect everything they see with what they feel.

Then you can slowly start with tactile play, where you blindfold the child and let them focus only on touch. If the siblings are older, only introduce them to the way the game is played and leave it up to them to guide and communicate with each other. 

Tailor the game to what suits you best. For example, the child can stand on the largest piece of Muffik, have smaller pieces with key chains stacked on the table in front of them, and look for all three the same by touch. If you don't have enough room on the table, guide your child piece by piece to touch them carefully and find the right ones in a trio. 

In addition to the stimulation of the feet, a significant plus is the exercise of the arches and strengthening the core.

The tactile set is another playful form of the Muffik family that you will love at first touch. 

Karol Tišerová (Tactile memory game set) - Successful Czech Mama Blogger