It's finally getting warmer outside and we all want stable weather. But diseases don't want to leave most of us, but we know very well how important fresh air is and especially the sun rays that charge us with energy.

We, the residents of apartment buildings with balconies, can air Muffik in this way and massage the feet while hanging clothes (I love the smell of fresh clothes!), while drinking coffee with friends or family or playing board or card games.

As soon as the season starts, we spend a lot of time on the balcony, whether sick or healthy, because we usually go out when the sun stops having so much strength. Therefore, it's great to diversify your balcony stay with Muffik in many ways.

You don't have to put purely orthopedic Muffik floors on the balcony, but you can use magic rugs as a floor covering if children are sitting mostly on the ground while playing with toys and create combinations of floors that will provide massage, pump blood into your feet and be relaxing. This is also related to the perfect ending, which you can also find in the offer.

If it's really hot outside, you can add Muffik to the children's pool, whether in the sense of mini pieces of different kinds or jump straight into it  with a pile of keychains, which I always recommend because they are far more than just keychains. If you have enough pieces, children can play memory game with each other, create a unique orthopedic floor or describe individual pieces without looking at them.

Try to offer children a choice, in the case a pool with water and mini Muffik pieces in combination with keychains and leave it to them what they come up with, what game they choose and what they create. Choose controlled activity only when you see that they need to be prodded. They usually have fun on their own without the need of controlling. That is, at least in our case. They have a much stronger imagination than we, adults have.

I could even imagine large pieces in the form of soft grass as the bottom of a pool on which children would sit. This will create not only an anti-slip surface, but also a pleasant massage to pump blood into their feet, legs and buttocks. It will also create a shallow pond to which they can add animal figures such as ducks, frogs, lizards, fish, etc. Suddenly there is a whole story to play with in front of you, which you can change in different ways, as you like.

If you feel like cooling your legs properly, use a square container or anything else the house has to give, into which you will put Muffik of your choice (I recommend hard grass, it's worth it!) and add cold water, even with ice cubes. Subsequently, step into it and you can continuously shift your weight from one leg to the other.

Be inspired! Take Muffik to the balcony and write down what you think up. I'm sure you'll come up with a lot of your own ideas. 

Karol Tišerová - Succesful Czech Mama Blogger