The weather is really messing with us, which is not only reflected in the health of children, but also adults. Instead of enjoying the spring meadow, the softness of the grass barefoot and practicing the knowledge of the first spring flowers, we roll in the blankets with snots at our noses.

How about stopping thinking about when the real spring begins and creating a proper spring meadow right in the middle of the room? The Muffik Team excelled again and a few weeks ago set off into the world with an amazing limited edition of a soft yellow meadow which looks like a blooming field of dandelions.

You can suddenly smell the flowers, hear buzzing bees and feel the warmth of the sun rays falling on your shoulders. Imagine that you have a real meadow in front of you and walk gently through it. If dandelions alone aren't enough, you can add another part of limited patterns, such as the soft Muffik pattern in a fresh lime colour, resembling soft beads by touch. This allows you to fence the yellow meadow as a garden or a field of dandelions.

We also often hear various rivers, streams and ripples on ponds in nature, enhancing the atmosphere of the singing birds and buzzing bees. Near your blooming meadow of dandelions you can create a stream or pond using light blue Muffik patterns. They are also in a limited edition, but, unlike fresh lime green, they are in a hard option and can evoke small but pleasantly hard pebbles, which in turn stimulate the feet in a slightly different way. As you walk on them, imagine how refreshing that would be. You can feel the softness of the icy water that caresses your ankles. The brave ones can spray the blue pieces with water to evoke a real spring refreshment. By being made of softened PVC, Muffik is a friend of the water and you can diversify the stimulation of your feet in this way.

I believe that spring will stop hiding and will soon show itself in its full beauty of blossoming trees, sweet fruits, beautiful flowers, magnificent butterflies and singing birds, but until then we'll have to enjoy a modest but beautiful spring meadow in the middle of the children's room or living room, which can always be assembled a little differently according to your imagination.

Allow yourself to be accompanied by the gentle sounds of nature, forest waterfalls or streams and create your unique meadow full of blooming dandelions using the original Muffik orthopedic pieces.

Karol Tišerová - Succesful Czech Mama Blogger