The long-awaited member of the Muffik family is finally among us! We're pleased to present you a unique magnetic car track containing many great and, at first glance, invisible details.

The set includes a total of 9 track pieces with different turns, intersections and a plane that you can build as you like, as well as 7 signs which the children can practice traffic rules and there must also be a barrier that you can move up and down.

The signs have a magnet at the bottom. Magnets can also be found on the track, but only in some parts of each piece (usually at the edges). The child tries and looks for where the sign fits into the track. They have to think and explore, thus supporting their fine motor skills.

Due to the magnets and small parts, the car track is suitable for children from 3 years of age. What kind of cars to use with it? I'm sure you have plenty of toy cars at home to go with. The track is designed for them to fit into it.

And if you already have some Muffik pieces (small and large) at home, you can create a neighbourhood for the track. The car track is compatible with other Muffik orthopedic floors. Try to think of a construction site where you can use pieces with pebbles or dinosaur eggs. Or create a view of the meadow, forest or coast.

Unleash your imagination, explore what you have at home and create your own world with animals, houses, water and much more.

This will create a stimulation area from the car track. Children will unconsciously stimulate their feet, strengthen their ankles and their entire centre of the body. A car track and a stimulation aid in one? That sounds absolutely great!

Thanks to the intuitive lock, even the little ones are able to build the track. You can create a different track every day, which means sensory puzzle and hand-eye coordination training for children. And the adventure on the road can begin.

 It will soon become clear to you that one set is definitely not enough! So you can buy track extensions as you choose. In addition, MUFFIK will again surprise you with a print on the tracks in the form of crossings, signs, car parks! 

Karol Tišerová - Succesful Czech Mama Blogger