Valentine's Day is already behind us, but the whole of February brings the topic of love not only in our babyclub because it's something that we should show every day to our loved ones, but also to ourselves. I often say about Muffik that it's love and I stand by it every time someone hesitates to buy it, when they don't know if it's really worth it, when they're afraid that it will stop being entertaining quickly or if it's enough that the children play with it in the babyclub. 

It's love because it isn't just an orthopedic floor that you can assemble as you like or buy ready-made sets, but it's a multipurpose tool that helps young children from an early age, through adults, to seniors across generations. It helps with self-care, with preventing various orthopedic problems and also with their subsequent solution and treatment. It tunes in to every home in such a way that you won't be able to imagine living without it. It tunes in to it in the way that you fall in love with it and use it every day with joy and enthusiasm. 

It massages your feet after each bath because it's waiting for you right in front of the bathtub. It can be with you in the shower, where it serves also as an anti-slip mat. On each trip to the kitchen, you will pass through a corridor where it is strategically assembled so that you can't avoid it. It's waiting for you in front of your bed to warm up your feet every morning or to care for your tired legs in the evening. When you need to scratch your feet, you jump on a hedgehog. You can create a hopscotch, a balancing adventure trip, a sensorimotor aid, play a memory game, the Mr Stork lost his cap game, twister and much more. 

Muffik is love because it offers a plethora of physical and educational games, exercises for proper development and relaxation techniques that you can try yourself in complete silence or with the cheerful laughter of children. It's love because it helps us take care of our loved ones and of ourselves. It can entertain children for several hours, supports their imagination, fine motor skills and enthusiasm for barefoot walking and constantly raises the bar higher. 

Just as it cares for us with love, we should also care for it with love. Treat it to a regular bath, remove dirt and store it in a way that doesn't deform it and, above all, make the most of it every day. So that it can do what it was created to do.

We can present it with love to our loved ones as a birthday or Christmas gift or just to make them happy because we know best what it can do.

Together with us, build a big heart where you'll walk step by step and thank Muffik for everything you have experienced with it so far. List all the activities, games and adventures you've tried with it. Remember what you enjoyed the most or how it helped you. The manifestation of love is not only physical, the manifestation of love is also words. Words that warm, delight and often say much more than you would expect. 

Karol Tišerová - Succesful Czech Mama Blogger