We had the Arctic theme all January, so I took all the blue, turquoise and silver pieces from our Muffik collection and assembled them into a square with an empty centre which came out with perfect accuracy because I had a total of 12 pieces.

The combination of soft and hard elements interestingly imitates the hardness of ice, snow, as well as the blades of frozen or icy natural resources. This will create an extraordinary orthopedic rug that you can use your imagination on and make it an adventurous Arctic expedition. Barefoot and with your eyes closed, explore what can be a glacier, what is a frozen lake, a snowy forest or icicles.

Talk about where the Arctic is located, where its name comes from, what it's like living in Arctic conditions, what animals you can meet there and what they eat. If you have animal figurines from the Arctic environment, add them to the empty centre of the square, walk around them while practicing their names and food. You can also talk about what clothes people wear there and what you need to have on your feet to climb glaciers.

If you go through all the information in relation to the Arctic that you prepare for a specific age of children, you can try the same, in a similar version, with Antarctica. I believe that such talk will interest both the youngest, preschool-age children and the first-school-age children.

If you have already talked about both areas and learned the basic information, try to divide the Muffik pieces into Arctic and Antarctic. Make a path from them for children to walk on and talk about everything they've learned about that particular area. In a playful way, they learn where each animal comes from, what it is called, and basic information regarding that area.

Ultimately, if your feet are already hurting from the Arctic/Antarctic walking, train your hands with a modelling clay. If you have a supply of Muffik keychains (I hope you have, because it's the basis of every children's room), prepare them on the table together with the modelling clay in white, turquoise and blue. Create glaciers and ice surfaces from it and you can also imprint animal tracks and keychains that will create a variety of surfaces.

Karol Tišerová - Succesful Czech Mama Blogger