23. Bring MUFFIK boxes back to life

Muffik is a lifestyle. Once you've tried it, it's clear that it definitely doesn't stop with one set, and you'll be buying more and more great pieces.

But what do you do with the boxes left over after Muffik? Throw them away? Do you save them for another possible use? Do you put puzzles back in them when you do a major Muffik cleanup?

Use them proactively! The boxes have one big advantage that is absolutely brilliant from my perspective. They are like briefcases with a plastic handle. You have to make use of that. This makes them ideal for all sorts of fantasy worlds or storing smaller toys or kits. Plus, as long as you don't tear the top "window", you can store them standing up and save a lot of space (not just in the kids' room).

For a better overview of what's in each box, you can stick a picture of that particular kit/game/theme on the side edge. For older children, possibly write in words.

Lego Duplo predominates in our house, and since the girls are constantly rummaging through the dolls and animals, I used one Muffik box just to keep these all sorts of characters in one place. They have this stored above the drawers which are purely bricks.

You can also store smaller dinosaur figures in them along with trees (plastic or wooden) and paper grass or lake. You can crumple up different types of coloured paper to create, for example, a bush.

If your children are not fans of dinosaurs, you can turn this world into a farm or forest. For the farm, you can divide the box into four sections, each containing different animals. Create a pig sty, a stable for a horse, a chicken coop, a dog kennel, etc. Use markers, tempera or coloured paper. Set up trees, bushes, forest animals in the form of a squirrel, fox, bear, deer, wild pig, etc.

A portable dollhouse is also a great idea. A much larger Polly Pocket, which I grew up on and loved. Every little girl has wooden dollhouse furniture at home, you just have to move it into a box and separate the different rooms with a line or use coloured paper to create floors. Paint the windows, doors or other cabinets.

Many children are grateful for a kitchen for cooking. I have personal experience that they entertain boys and girls at different ages. You can create a stove in the box, add a pot, fruit, vegetables, a cooking utensil, a plate and the work is done.

By simply making it, you will get hours and hours of fun for kids.

Karol Tišerová - Successful Czech MAMA blogger