22. Baby set as an embodiment of tenderness

This set is named after our smallest children, who are not walking yet, but are already very active, full of enthusiasm, exploring the world around them - mainly through sight and touch. It is literally custom-made for them to develop imagination and fine motor skills. It is made from the softest floors that MUFFIK has.

MUFFIK floors are mostly made in vivid, rich, expressive colors, which may not be to everyone's taste. I personally prefer these energetic colors, which I often use for drawing and purposefully surround myself with them, but I come across opinions that such bold colors do not suit someone's home. And that's also why there was a demand for pastel, gentle, soft tones.

In the set you will find pleasant pastel yellow, pink and violet, pigeon blue, mint and beige. A total of six soft pastel colors with a soft surface that children can literally explore with their whole body. And when I write literally, I really mean literally in the sense of creeping or crawling etc. We also have personal experience with our youngest daughter, who has been enjoying MUFFIK floors perfectly with her whole body since she was about 6 months old.

Getting to know the softest floors is the start of preparation for more challenging surfaces not only at home, but also in nature and the surrounding area, to which they will gradually move at the right moment. Thanks to this, children from an early age take MUFFIK floors as a natural part of their lives and will subsequently explore different surfaces all around them without any problems.

The pastel Baby set is more liked by mothers of little girls, which was confirmed by my surroundings, but I believe that it will also find its place among boy/girl siblings who have their children's room designed in soft pastel tones, either temporarily or permanently. Even pastel children's rooms have their charm, both for girls and boys.

To diversify the game with MUFFIK floors, we later used rich and expressive colors also as surfaces for animal figurines in the sense of a farm or life in the forest. You can use this pastel set to play in the same way, but choose for example fairies, elves and other supernatural beings.

Take your little ones to their pastel kingdom with this set, which is as soft as tenderness itself, and let all your senses be transported into a fairy-tale world of discovery and fantasy.

Karol Tišerová - Succesful Czech Mama Blogger