Review breeder and trainer of Border Collies Miriam Søndergaard

As an owner of dogs active in sports and breeder of Border Collies, I immediately saw big potential in Muffik’s Sensory Mats. I already use Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) when puppies are 3-16 days old, so adding the sensory mats to my breeding program was just perfect. When puppies start to walk reasonable, around 3 weeks of age, I introduce the mats. I place them in the puppy pen so they can walk freely on them. Later, I can play and throw food on the mats. Walking and playing on MUFFIK, puppies stimulate all their senses, which kickstarts very early development of good balance, motor skills, self confidence and courage. I see a big difference in my litters after starting to use Muffik Sensory Mats in the puppy pen! For adult dogs Muffik Sensory Mats are also very useful for rehabilitation, core training, balance training etc. I really love the sensory mats!

Miriam Søndergaard

Trainer of dogs for more than 25 years, Worldwinner of obedience, Nordic Championships, Multiple winner of obedience competitions

Breeder for more than 10 years, breeding dogs for sports, Agility, Obedience, Hoopers etc