When MUFFIK arrives into your house for the first time, you are mainly eager and curious.
What will it actually look like? Will I enjoy it? Will it hurt me? How soft are the soft ones? Can it carry me? Can't I destroy them with my weight? And are the firm ones really that firm? What will the children say? My husband won’t believe his eyes what nonsense I brought home this time.

You unpack MUFFIKs and for the first time, you put it together as the pieces come into your hand, just so it’s done quickly and you can start trying it. Later, you will put them together as they will suit you in colour and pattern, but the first set is usually messy, because you just want to try it ASAP.
First, a careful touch on the piece that is most sympathetic. It feels like testing the temperature of water in the pool with the tips of your toes. Hmm interesting, let’s step on my whole foot. Oh, it tickles, soft grass is so pleasant. And this one is similar to a shoe dripper, which I liked to walk on barefoot when I was little. This is a piece called Muffik. And what's this? Dinosaur eggs, pleasant, firm, the feet work nicely. Let's try another one. Ah, the coast. So soft it makes you feel like it is sinking beneath you, like wet sand on the beach. But don't worry, it's very pleasant. Shall we try to balance? Let’s move on. The logs look tempting, they are exactly like in the forest, you just don't get splinters here. You can put one vertically, the other horizontally and watch how the feet respond beautifully. We move on. Oh wait, what is this? It hurts! Hedgehog! This is such a pleasant pain that it must be experienced. Lots of spines under your weight and you will find that you like it in such a way that you don't even want to go down. The hedgehog is so unrivalled. I recommend at least two for each family. And do you know why? So that both your feet can have their own hedgehog. The pebbles are like a peaceful walk by a stream in the woods. That there is meadow, which is not like the first piece called soft grass. The meadow is hard and prickly, like before the end of the summer, burned by the sun. But if you want, you can also have a soft one. And what is the last one? Twister. This is exactly the piece you don't want to step on unexpectedly at night.

I would recommend you walking on MUFFIK with your eyes closed for the first time. Let the experience be undisturbed, let you focus with your whole body. Close your eyes for a better atmosphere and walk slowly, little by little. Just enjoy every step to the fullest!

I wish you pleasant trading.

Karol Tišerová – Successful Czech Mama Blogger
(Set Huge 2)