5. Movement is the best to have a better rest

Even though according to the calendar spring is already here, the temperatures outside does not feel like it. Bad weather makes entertaining your children much more difficult. Especially in this time full of restrictions. Even though we try to go out in any weather, some days we just do not feel like it. But the children still need to do something, so now what?

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Do you know that MUFFIK has their own YouTube Channel? And that you can find so many videos and so much inspiration how to entertain you kids for the whole day, so that they sleep like a log until the next morning. We were inspired by the games for which you don't need so much space and you can easily adapt even in a smaller room.


I am sure that all of you know the game Mr. Stork lost his cap. I used to love this game and I taught girls colours using this game. You can play by scattering Muffik's pieces around the room and saying the poem as you know it. We renamed the game “Muffik lost the cap” and we made it more difficult, because he lost the caps in two colours. So, we didn't throw Muffik pieces, but put them together in a square. One of us always recited a poem and said two colours. The others quickly ran to step on both colours - either with their hands or their feet.


My children love the game “The floor is lava”. We tried this one as well. Again, you can scatter Muffik puzzles around the room, but close to each other so that you can jump from one to another. Or you can create a track with obstacles that children have to overcome - whether it's a pillow, over which they have to take a big step, or an adult standing between the pieces, whom they have to walk around carefully.


It’s great to take a tour of your own childhood with your children. So, we stayed in a nostalgic mood and tried the jumping Muffik, a hopscotch, but in the Muffik version. You assemble the hopscotch as you know it and you take either a mini piece of Muffik or something else that you bend over to throw. And then you jump in a way you all know. Just watch out for the hedgehog, he spices up his perfect insidiousness even more in this game.


A beautiful nostalgia is also the game Red light, Green light, 1-2-3 - another cool game from our childhood. You put together several pieces of Muffik in front of each child, depending on how much space you can use. You step up in front of them, turn your back and say a rhyme. The children try to reach you as soon as possible, without you unexpectedly catching them moving.


On YouTube you can also find our tip with a tactile game, where you take a mini piece of Muffik and look for the same one with your eyes closed. If you have more than one piece of the same piece, connect them all. You can assemble the track into a square or spread it zigzag all over the space.


Sometimes people ask me: “What do you do with Muffik?”. We experience a big adventure, but what we like the most is to watch what our children come up with on their own.


Movement games are something they really do love the most.

Karol Tišerová – Successful Czech Mama Blogger