In internet discussions, but also when someone visits us (whether at home or at the babyclub), I often come across the topic of matching the colours of Muffik with the colours of households. But how to do it? And is it even possible to perfectly match the colours at your home?
On one hand, there are countless possibilities and new patterns are constantly emerging. But finding specific colours, types, assembling them according to your ideas, it all takes a lot of time. This is one of the reasons why new sets have been created in three different forms, which are intended to match with blue and green shades, with pink and violet shades, and the third neutral set has been created for every lover of natural colours.
If you don't want to spend time assembling the individual pieces and finding out whether your favourite pattern is available in the colour you need, these three basic sets are exactly for you, and I believe they will catch your eye at first glance. However, the sets do not contain edges in the form of straight and corner ends - these must be purchased separately.
It has long been true that it is pink for girls and blue for boys, but I have a feeling that children will often find their way to "their" colour on their own. A friend's son likes blue and green, so an Ocean-like set was a perfect choice. At the same time, they needed to choose a set limited by finances, and this one was perfectly according to his son's ideas. They were so excited that they plan on buying more MUFFIK’s.
For the ones who are more into other side of colour spectrum, pink is combined with a cute purple sweet variation for each princess. The Think pink set was invented as well as the Ocean-like to be timeless, so the children's room can be perfectly decorated even if they grow up.
However, Muffik is not just a decoration of a room or home in the form of a practical rug for foot massage. Children will literally immediately accept it as another area for play. From grass they create pasture for animal figurines, from mini pieces they create carpets into wooden houses or locks for princesses, twister creates a track for trains or small cars, butterflies fly over meadows and flowers, the coast is inhabited by sea animals and doors are open to other ideas.
You children constantly create new world with no limits undress their hands and feet.
Karol Tišerová – Succesful Czech Mama Blogger