At first glance, the magic set looks inconspicuous, but believe it or not, you will experience a lot of exercising and fun with it. It hides a lot of possibilities for the whole family. In addition, it is compatible directly with MUFFIK sets, so you can put all the parts together to create a large area full of diverse surfaces.

Create an original path to the kitchen, a corner for exercising in the children's room or an exercise mat in the living room. A trip to the kitchen can become a unique adventure and at the end, a reward awaits (fridge full of food). The children's room turns into a large jungle, where you try to get to the safety of the cots through the obstacle course. In the living room, you pay for the constant peeping into the fridge, and after each return from the kitchen, you skip the Magic set, for example, as many times as the minute hand shows.


The bold ones can use the Magic set directly in the kitchen when cooking. How? Use pieces with feet and create a dance floor on which you can dance exactly according to the pieces.


Still not enough? Try to stay on the parts with the palm only with your hands or to build a track with the children and compete. You can jump like a frog (hands next to each other, legs apart) first in front and back behind. In addition to legs and arms, you will also strengthen the abdomen and back. In addition, children train coordination and recognition of the right and left sides of the body.


You can create the track of four parts with the connection of legs and arms, or of two parts, where you first switch both hands and then both legs. To make it more difficult and also more fun, you can also swap the individual parts to stretch and tangle a little.


You can also create surface similar to a Twister game. Prepare a cube or paper with a needle on which the right foot, left foot, right hand and left hand is drawn, then either throw or spin the needle and place the hand / foot on a specific place according to the throw / rotation. I recommend taking off your socks, so you have a better stability.


Let your imagination run wild.


Karol Tišerová – Successful Czech Mama Blogger