Christmas is coming soon! Some of us buy gifts throughout the whole year and others lurk for promotions and discounts just before Christmas to save some money. Each of ours attitude to gifts is different and I enjoy watching the way others do it. As your family grows, but also as you need to care about your health more, it's great to indulge in something that all members make the most of, regardless of age diversity.

And that's where Muffik comes to me as a perfect and versatile gift.

It is colourful, interesting in design and takes up no space. Well, "it doesn't take up any space" is a bit misleading because you need to put it where you walk through the most - that is, take up space where it will have the greatest effect. But even if you put it somewhere else, believe me, you will soon start looking for it in a targeted way and you will have the urge to walk on it.

But if you ever need to hide Mufik, whether during cleaning or wiping, there is a great news in the form of storage boxes, where you can store it. The box is not only a storage space for Muffik, but also serves as a stool with a load capacity of 30 kg, on which children can sit, for example, while playing board games.

It will interest young children, adolescents, middle age, and seniors. You even feel like he's calling for you to go for a walk. Don't you believe? You will try it once and you will quickly understand. For the last year and a half, I have been watching children of 1-3 years walking around Muffik very clearly and actively. But in recent months, I've been enjoying the view of teenagers and adults walking around it.

Dear Santa, if you don't know how to make the whole family happy, explore everything Muffik has to offer and come up with a perfect combo that will fit all members or come up with something made for each family member.

For the ones who have just started to walk , for example, set Baby, for little adventurers a balance beam in the form of a Snake Set, Tactile memory game for siblings, Basic set natural for bathroom or kitchen, Mini puzzle set as a colourful mat in front of your child’s bed, Huge Set for children's playroom, Roots for grandparents to put in the shower and don't forget to lurk even on keychains, with which we can massage frozen hands in our pockets in the cold winter season.

By the way, there is no better foot rubber than a hedgehog, it just doesn't exist!

Karol Tišerová – Succesful Czech Mama Blogger