Review from MUDr. Eva Lacková


I would like to thank you for your products and write to you in regard to our experience with them. Among other things, our clinic deals with musculoskeletal system treatment, in both adults and children. Over the long-term we have recommended walking on uneven surfaces as a method to combat flat feet. The stimulation footpath, has proved very useful in this respect especially for children (where the effect is usually quicker). As a surgery and traumatology unit, we mainly deal with injuries and their subsequent treatment. We wondered if Muffík would find its place here as well. We believe that at a time when the limb already has full-load capabilities, but at the same time the muscles are atrophied from longer immobilisation (e.g., a cast), Muffík is a suitable addition to rehabilitation. Of course, this cannot be universally recommended for all post-traumatic / post-surgery convalescences (consultation with the attending physician should take place), nor is it the only aid. Although Muffík has never thought so. We see its great advantage in its variability and in the fact that it can even be used at home to "train" for more difficult terrain. Last but not least, it's fun.

In conclusion, we could say, if your health allows, come and walk with us on the orthopaedic floor. 



MUDr. Eva Lacková