Set of orthopedic floor - Valgosity

Catalog number: MFK-076

Many parents ask what set or floor mats will help with valgus ankles. However, ankles are very often just a reflection that points to a problem somewhere else in the body.
The inner arch of the foot is fallen, the heel bone is in a valgus position, you will notice knock knees, children have an unstable pelvis and a weaker abdomen. Insufficient pelvic stabilization leads to incorrect positioning of the lower limbs, especially in the ankle area. As a result, we notice hypermobility very often, we see larger joint ranges and looser ligaments.
It is important to incorporate balance exercises to strengthen the deep stabilization system. That's why we have put together this set for you and your children, which contains the perfect combination of mats.

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  • Brand Muffik
  • Material Softened PVC
  • Dimensions Classic: 29,79 x 29,79 cm Mini: 14,25 x 17,3 cm

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Detailed description

What do physiotherapists say? ‘Little is needed to bring your feet to life. Use them. Use them as they were designed (barefoot) and on the terrain originally intended for them (natural surfaces). Diversity is welcome, as well as walking on stones, grass, forest path.’ That’s what our set offers.

Includes (15 pieces):

1x Snake extended (1x Snake straight, 1x Snake curve)

1x Logs hard

1x Hedgehog hard

1x Forest hard

1x Coconut eco

1x Meadow soft

1x Dino eggs soft

1x Pebbles soft

1x Roots soft

1x Coast soft

1x Dino eggs mini hard

1x Starfish mini soft

1x Grass mini soft

1x Snail mini soft 

Tested according to EU standard EN 71-1:2014 + A1:2018 and EN 71-2:2011 + A1:2014 and EN 71-3:2019-08