MUFFIK Anti-stress fidget

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Catalog number: MFK-073

Funny sensory toys help managing stress.

For those who like to swing their legs or click their pen. Simple, repetitive movements allow you to take your mind off the source of stress and focus on what matters.

These toys help a person reduce stress or concentrate in the presence of many distractions, they provide interesting tactile feedback, are easy to use and store, they can become indispensable companions for some people.

  • Brand Muffik
  • Available colors Blue , Lemon , Green , Red

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Detailed description

BLUE AND RED Variant- This toy uses a magnetic system consisting of two fixed stationary magnets and a moving magnet between them, which is repelled from both. The magnets are fixed in the body of the toy. The moving magnet is fixed in a slider that can move back and forth and pop out of the case from either side.

YELLOW AND GREEN VERSION- This toy is designed so that the slider does not move back and forth but rotates. Rotation takes place around an axis fixed in the body of the toy. When the slider is squeezed, it first approaches the body with resistance, then "shoots" over it and performs a full rotation around its axis until it rests again on the magnetic resistance or the finger that pushed it. You can rotate the slider repeatedly to get a tactile response from the toy.

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