Footbridge with MUFFIK nano puzzles (10pcs)

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Catalog number: MFA-03-4

Do you have a little adventurer at home who is not afraid of any obstacle? Or more like a cautious kiddo who thinks about every step? Our new MUFFIK footbridge is here for everyone. Combined with two Active Stumps, it will take your orthopedic MUFFIK mat set to a higher level.

Use the MUFFIK footbridge to connect the two stumps and create a full-fledged balance beam. This activity not only develops coordination and balance but overcoming it will boost your little ones' confidence and courage. This footbridge contains cut-outs that incorporate our popular MUFFIK sensory nano puzzles, which train fine motor and sensomotor skills for children's hands and feet and stimulate the strength of the arches. 

Thanks to its elegant wooden design, it will fit into your interior and turn your child's room into a forest of laughter, fun, and healthy movement.

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Detailed description

MUFFIK orthotic set extension - By connecting it with two stumps compatible with MUFFIK orthopedic mats, you will turn walking into a new adventure.

Promoting physical development - On the MUFFIK footbridge, children practice putting their feet in front of each other, eye-foot coordination, and concentration. Balancing on the balance beam strengthens the core and muscles of the lower limbs. By walking on MUFFIK key chains, kids stimulate the foot and its arch.

Courage and confidence - By overcoming any obstacle, little explorers strengthen not only the body but also the mind. They develop courage, discretion, and self-confidence.

Fine motor and sensorimotor skills - The MUFFIK nano sensory puzzles help children exercise their fine motor skills and develop their imagination.

Aesthetically appealing design - The beautiful wooden design fits into any interior and elevates your home style.