Active Turtle

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Catalog number: MFA-01-4

Introducing the MUFFIK Active Turtle, a toy that turns your child's every day into an adventure of discovery, fun, and learning. This innovative toy will light up your little explorer's eyes and help them develop critical skills essential for their future, such as balance, coordination, and spatial orientation.

The Turtle can be easily unfolded into four balancing steps, providing endless possibilities for fun and exercise. This flexibility allows children to create different routes and obstacle courses that stimulate their creativity and encourage physical activity. This keeps your children entertained and strengthens the middle of the body, ankles, and feet, which is essential for proper physiological development. 

The MUFFIK Active Turtle is made of high-quality and durable materials, which ensure its long life and safety during play. Its colourful design will attract the attention and interest of every child. After playing, children simply stack the steps on top of each other in the shape of a turtle, saving lots of space.

Let your child embark on a journey of discovery where every step strengthens their body and mind. This toy is the perfect choice for any parent who wants to give their child not only fun but also a healthy foundation for their further development.

Investing in an Active Turtle from MUFFIK is an investment in a healthy and happy childhood.

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Detailed description

Promotes physical development - Strengthens the middle of the body, ankles, and feet, which is the basis for healthy development and correct posture.

Supporting the development of motor skills — The Turtle naturally supports the development of balance, coordination, and overall motor skills in your child.

Endless possibilities for play - With the option to spread over 4 balancing stages, it offers unlimited opportunities for creative and active play.

Versatility and storage - Its easy folding and stackable dimensions make it ideal for small spaces.

Safety and Durability - Made of durable and safe materials, it ensures long-lasting fun without worry.

Dimensions: 51cm x 24cm x 51cm

Weight: 3,1 kg