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Kids love obstacle courses. They want to keep pushing themselves and overcoming challenges. Jump over and then crawl immediately under. That's why we present you the new Active Set - Big Obstacle Course, the main actor of which is our new Stump, which meets the concept of MUFFIK mats and its function and shape fits perfectly among other puzzles.

This multi-functional mat serves as an orthopedic balance mat and especially as a multipurpose base for creating obstacles using plastic sticks, flat circles, wooden footbridges, UNI connections, Rotana, and balance stones, which are also included in the set.

Various obstacles and active aids on orthopedic mats allow children to perform countless movement activities. Use the MUFFIK footbridge to connect the two stumps and get a full-fledged balance beam. It not only develops coordination and balance but overcoming it will boost your little ones' confidence and courage. This footbridge contains cut-outs that incorporate our popular MUFFIK sensory nano puzzles, which train fine motor and sensomotor skills for children's hands and feet and stimulate the strength of the arches.

Inserting the circle into the Stump gives you an ideal climbing obstacle that will strengthen your child's torso and improve their flexibility. Attach the circle to the stick in the Stump with the universal connector to create horizontal and vertical obstacles or a basketball hoop that is guaranteed to improve dexterity and coordination. Children can throw the circle on a stick inserted into the active MUFFIK Stump mat to practice accuracy and eye-hand coordination or use it as a classic Hula Hoop to activate and strengthen the core. With the sticks, you can easily create a variety of obstacles and games to suit the age and ability of your children. Creating a height-adjustable obstacle to jump over, climb over, or crawl under with the help of connections is just the beginning. The rotating Rotana included in the set is an excellent attraction for children, allowing them to spin while sitting or on their tummies and strengthen their whole bodies. Balancing stones are a guarantee of fun and laughter but also an effective tool for developing balance and stability.

Mastering the obstacle course on orthopedic mats develops children's agility, coordination, and balance and strengthens the ankle arches, knees, and core. You can create a set for coordination exercises or various didactic games. This multi-functional set will take your MUFFIK up a level and interest even older children.

Big Active Set is suitable for motor exercises for different age groups. The individual parts can be used alone or in combination with all the other parts to give children the opportunity to develop their sports and motor skills.

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Detailed description


1x Brown Stump

1x Beige Stump

1x Grey Stump

1x Red Circle (ø 40 cm)

1x Yellow Circle (ø 50 cm)

1x Blue Circle (ø 60 cm)

3x Stick 70 cm (blue, yellow, red)

2x UNI connection

2x Balancing Stone - Diamond, red and yellow

1x Balancing Stone - Turtle, turquoise

1x Balancing Stone - Stump, green

1x Footbridge with MUFFIK Nano puzzles (10 pieces) - 70 x 11,5 cm

1x Straight footbridge (70 x 11,5 cm)

1x Rotana set (turquoise)

For children from 3 years. Use only under adult supervision. 

Material: WOOD, PVC, PP, ABS