Until what age can we use MUFFIK?

This is quite a common question from our customers. And I will answer it today.

I recently participated in an internet discussion in which a mom was offering MUFFIK orthopedic mats for sale. Purely out of curiosity, I contacted her in a private message and asked why she was selling MUFFIK. 

„My daughter has had them since her first steps, and now she is big, in first grade, and has no problems with her feet or posture." 

I bit my professional tongue, swallowed the unsolicited advice, thanked her for her response, and said goodbye. But then I decided I had to write about it on our blog and try to explain it to those interested in this topic. And maybe it will reach the mom who thinks MUFFIK is no longer necessary.

In our discussions or posts, we emphasize that walking on varied surfaces is key to proper arch development and posture for beginning walkers. But MUFFIK's work is far from over here. It doesn't end just because our toddler has grown into a proficient walker. That's like saying to yourself: "So, now I've been working out my abs for a year, developed a nice six-pack so I don't have to exercise it anymore"... Not to mention that a child's foot is constantly developing and growing. In the same way, the child itself grows. Their height, weight, center of gravity - it all changes. Their movement habits and environment are also changing, like the little girl who started in first grade. Suddenly, she has to sit for several hours a day, carry a bag on her back every day, and add some new out-of-school activities where she learns new movement patterns and squeezes her feet into ballet shoes, cleats, or skates. That's quite a load on one little foot.

But let's move on. Our little girl has grown into a young girl. Ergonomic backpack is a dirty word to her, and try telling her to swap the AIR Force for barefoot shoes. And her body has changed again. The pelvis is wider, the hips are rounder, and the foot is still growing. And it's the same with boys, who at puberty can outgrow us within a week, and their feet become overnight like flippers. They probably won't be playing "Earth is Lava" with you on orthopedic mats anymore. But try systematically moving MUFFIK to the busiest place. In the hallway, in the bathroom, in front of the sink, or in the shower. You can still do something together with MUFFIK to promote their healthy development.

Suddenly, the young girl becomes a woman who wears heels every day and has a sedentary job, and then pregnancy comes along. There, she faces hormonal changes and weight gain, which often leads to the weakening of the foot arch in adulthood. Fortunately, our expectant mother has grown up with MUFFIK all her life and knows that it will support not only her arch but also her and her family.

So, until what age can I use MUFFIK orthopedic mats?

The answer is always the same. 

MUFFIK brings a healthy step for all generations. Whether it's a toddler discovering the world, a teenager with their own opinions, or an adult looking for relief after a day, let MUFFIK become an integral part of your family and take the first step towards a healthier life for your children.

Kateřina, Movement Therapist, MUFFIK team