Even if the weather was not very nice, we were often spending time outside and most of the time, Muffik was used only in BabyClub, which despite the holiday mood, was fully occupied. He met new children and enjoyed someone else’s attention. But as soon as it rained several days in a row, the children needed something to play with at home, so Muffik had to come home in full power.

Twister, balancing, labyrinth, imitation, Mr. Stork lost his cap, assigning animals, etc. The oldest daughter Klaudie had even created a space for practicing "Break Dance". The children's fantasy is incredible. And I found out one perfect thing!

I'm quite a cold-tempered person, and as soon as I got cold, I went for a walk around Muffik. Just like that, here and there, I was lying on the beach. This makes your feet warm up and you will start to feel warm. The same works for the palms. Try it. It's a huge discovery for me .. hahaha. By the way, the hedgehog is the best scratcher and therefore a warmer in the world! Facts!

Keychains have literally become a "must have" on trips and visits. Everywhere, every time, for everyone, regardless of the age of the children. They are constantly holding them in their hands, and it doesn't matter if it falls into a puddle or mud, it is easy to wash them. Keychain .. but also a child of course :-).

There is not a day that I wouldn’t say the word "Muffik". There's not a day I wouldn’t touch him or walk on him. Not a day I wouldn't think of him. It has become a part of our lives and I am so pleased when I receive an enthusiastic message from satisfied customers.

I am constantly fascinated by the enthusiasm of children and adults. I enjoy watching the progress of the children in the babyclub, when a little girl first avoids Muffik's set, as if she had to walk on hot coals, and suddenly, over time, she doesn't care that it is there and walks around MUFFIK as if she was never worried about it.

I also enjoy watching the adults stop and explore the individual pieces step by step. They compare different surfaces with one foot, the other foot, with both, while smiling the whole time.

For us, Muffik is a friend, and we want to play with him every day.

And what about you?

Karol Tišerová - Succesful Czech Mama Blogger