Review from Radka who runs a FB Page about healthy lifestyle

Christmas! This time, we were given MUFFIK Orthopaedic floor. Our son (1 year) got the first part of MUFFIKs from his dad. Oh well, of course I mean from Santa Claus. At first, us adults were more excited, because the packaging looked good and very professional. Now I can say that the boxes are so good-looking that I decided not to throw them away but use them to make toys that develop fine motor skills or as a painting canvas for our son 😊. And now, let’s get back to the puzzles. Huge 2 Set is a perfect choice to begin with and it entertains whole family. The colours of the pieces are bright and very pleasant to look at. But MUFFIK is pleasant not only for eyes, but mainly for feet. Sometimes it is painfully pleasant, but that is the feeling you want to experience. Or at least us. We put the puzzles together as we like. Our son is always happy to help us. We are a sportsmanlike family, so we go for a MUFFIK’s constitutional every morning and every evening 😊. Our son practices colours and now even walking. We still have to help him walk, but MUFFIK interests him a lot. Every few days we put his puzzles together differently. We have them in a room where we have carpet on the floor and the MUFFIK’s stays together perfectly. A month after Christmas, we ordered more pieces we wanted to try, for example Hedgehog, which we can fully recommend! Not only our son knows that hedgehogs have spines that prickles, Hedgehog is great for blood circulation. At the same time, 3D pieces are great to blow off steam because you can’t avoid tripping over them forever 😊. Recently, we have added the Snake set into our collection, which is really nice for the feet, so I would say that it can really massage them. We change the snake's body according to our needs, because our son has not expressed his opinion just yet.


We would like to thank Team MUFFIK for their ideas and activity how to make our day better and improve our balance! Good luck to them!


Radka from FB Page about healthy lifestyle