Review from Oliva Children’s Medical Institution

Oliva Children’s Medical Institution successfully use MUFFIK orthopaedic puzzle floors


Oliva Children's Medical Institution is a professional medical facility that cares for children from 1 year to 18 years. We provide medical rehabilitation and follow-up inpatient care for children with respiratory and locomotor system diseases, gastro-oesophageal reflux disease with respiratory diseases, overweight and obesity, as well as atopic eczema.

We recommend MUFFIK orthopaedic puzzle floors to parents in our rehabilitation clinic as a playful form for feet sensorimotor stimulation on 3D floors (soft island is currently very popular). We practice correcting the valgus position of limbs and ankle stability.


During a five-week stay for treatment, we use MUFFIK floors with children to teach them correct walking as a sensorimotor aid. It also forms part of the obstacle course, which children undergo several times a week as part of physical therapy. In the individual programme, children with flat feet or valgus position of the lower limbs train with MUFFIK. MUFFIK is also excellent for strengthening unstable ankles and stability training. We also recommend it to parents and children for home exercises. Children usually like to work with MUFFIK because it reminds them of a toy rather than a rehabilitation aid.


We use MUFFIK extensively for children staying with us and for children who attend a rehabilitation clinic.


Mgr. Edita Knotková

Physiotherapist at Oliva Children's Medical Institution in Říčany