MUFFIK Keychain aka MINI toy for traveling

Honestly, I was quite surprised to find out that Muffik keychains didn't sell as much as I'd expect. My expectation was that it must be constantly sold out. But the opposite is true. Why?
When I received my first keychain, I immediately put it on my keys. That's where it belongs, isn't it? It felt brilliant to have such a small "mascot". I had no idea what was hidden in the keychains. But then I started thinking about traveling in combination with Muffik and I realized that keychains are exactly what you (not only) want to have with you when traveling.
They are literally miniatures of various types of Muffik, whether grass, meadows, shells, nuts, snails, etc., and in addition to having them as an unmissable decoration on the keys, they are a grateful toy to play with while traveling by car, train, bus, and to play with by the  sea, lake and even on the garden.

They are compact, light, flexible. There is a place for them everywhere. You can connect them with one large metal ring or store them in a mesh bag. Because they are waterproof and easy to wash, you can play with them while spending time on the beach or directly in the water, and then when you decide to go home, you just put them in a mesh bag, shake a few times and you are ready to go.

In the car, children can assemble them according to colours, according to shapes or just according to their imagination into various shapes and figures. They can try to assemble a robot, a square, a rectangle, a truck, a train with wagons, etc. Well, with a pinch of imagination, they can be used to put together various shapes. This will entertain children on longer car trips. You can also use them to practice colours.

If you spend time on the garden with a swimming pool, throw the keychains into the water and tell the child to pick them up as quickly as possible. Another game is to tell the child to pick up all the yellow ones or choose a particular order (by age of the child) of for example five colours and the child must pick them up one by one in this particular order without making a mistake.

At home, you can use them as a toy to play with in the bathtub, like rugs in a dollhouse, grazing or litter for animal figures or you can create kitchen trucks or placemats. They are durable, washable and multifunctional. Use their options to the maximum!

Karol Tišerová – Succesful Czech Mama Blogger