In a few weeks, it will be one year since the first MUFFIK set settled in our home. During that time, I've met several times with opinions like: "Yeah, that's great, but too wild for me", "I need calmer colours", "I like it very much, but the colour discourages me", "Why does it have to be so colourful?”

And what is my answer? "Every problem has it’s solution."

You can match colours of MUFFIKs beautifully with your home so that you will feel as if it has always belonged to you. As if it was made for your home. And you don't have to buy it directly for children at all. Perceiving MUFFIK as something for children only is a great pity. As a decorative rug, it looks great anywhere and you can regularly use it for massage and increasing blood circulation in your tired feet.

Each piece (even a set) of MUFFIK has several colour options, which you can choose individually and combine exactly according to your choice so that it matches your interior design as much as possible. You can see all available colour options on the e-shop.

We quite like colours - especially in the children's room, where the colourful MUFFIK looks absolutely perfect, and in my opinion, children's room should be full of bright rather than designed in grey or other indistinct tones. But in other rooms, calmer colours are needed.
You can stick to natural tones in shades of brown, you can create a trendy combination of grey and violet or create a combination of pink, purple and natural beige in your little girl’s room. Equally beautiful is a combination of shades of blue and green.

The diversity of colours of the pieces is carefully selected so that it can be easily combined and at the same time, it can match all the rooms at your home perfectly. You can take a look at MUFFIK’s Instagram or Facebook Page to find out how they match colours in various interiors.

Related to all this is how to clean MUFFIK. All my friends always ask me about this, because they would not like to buy something that needs a lot of time-consuming cleaning. From my point of view, cleaning MUFFIKs is very easy and quick. I only disassemble and dust off our MUFFIKs. In most cases, that's enough. If some pieces are dustier, I rinse them with water. But if they are really dirty (we currently have a Magic set in the kitchen), I use MUFFIK Bio cleaner, which is 100% natural.

No extra work and colours matching your interior design perfectly.

Karol Tišerová – Successful Czech Mama Blogger