4.The cute one – MINI PUZZLE SET

4.The cute one – MINI PUZZLE SET

A new player in the game – MUFFIK mini puzzle set. It consists of twenty cute mini pieces in all possible variations.


Folding the mini puzzles in and out is great for developing fine motor skills and also as a sensory game. I won’t mention any advice how to play with them. I let my children do what they want to and just sit back and watch how creative they are. When you step on a big piece created by folding four pieces together, every part of your foot is stimulated in a slightly different way. Compared to the bigger ones, mini puzzles are great as a diversification.


In this set, you can find Starfish, Meadow, Snail, Grass and Dino Egg. All of them twice soft and twice hard. It is a great way to compare the firmness of hard and soft ones. At first glance, the difference is not that significant. You have to focus a bit more and then you can see that the difference in fact is quite significant. In my opinion, it is best to compare Grass. The soft one is very nice and kind of tickles. The hard one on the other hand prickles. You can also try it with Meadow because it is very similar.


Children can create a bigger piece by folding in four various mini pieces together according to their needs. They can mix soft and hard ones, choose only hard ones or soft ones, or create fours of particular pieces – four Snails, For Starfishes and so on. They can even try to create their very own matt or beddy-byes, as my children say.


I think that it is easier for the children to manipulate with the mini pieces and personally, I would say that they play with them more often. They use the bigger ones for walking, feet stimulation, obstacle courses, floor is lava game and so on. But the mini puzzles are a sensory toy which they use according to their imagination and ideas. I have already seen my daughter walking around her room, watching a video and just holding and pressing one of the mini puzzles in her hand.


Children can play various games with it. For example, they can only use their sense of touch (feet or hands) to find a matching pair. They can easily get confused by the firmness. Dino Eggs are very difficult because it is necessary to use quite a lot of strength to find a difference. And this is the reason why it is better to close your eyes and just focus. It is possible not only to stimulate your feet, but also your hands, which is very pleasant.


Smaller children can find matching colours, line them up from the lightest to the darkest one or create a rainbow. Mini puzzle set is full of different various colours and beautiful shapes. I recommend as an addition to Huge set or as a diversification.


Karol Tišerová – Successful Czech Mama Blogger