Keep kiddos entertained with obstacle courses! See our tips

Creating an obstacle course is an exciting way to get kids active regardless of the weather or environment. Whether you are planning an activity in your garden, in the woods, or at home.

In the woods: Adventure in the trees

Creating an obstacle course in the forest can be a great adventure for children. The forest offers plenty of natural materials, surfaces, and space to develop children's imagination and motor skills. Use natural elements that can serve as obstacles. This can be anything from fallen logs, broken branches, and streams to large rocks. First, make sure that all-natural elements are stable and safe for children's play, and then prepare a path that combines different activities such as climbing, jumping, and crawling. For example, you can make a slalom out of stones, a jumping ladder out of branches, or a beam out of logs and finish it off with a duel of throwing a cone at a tree. Children will have fun while developing their physical abilities through play.

In the garden: Fun behind the fence

Creating an obstacle course for children in the garden is a great way to encourage them to be physically active, develop motor skills, and be creative. Make your garden your children's favourite place for adventure.

Use old tyres, logs, planks, bricks, ropes, or a safely installed wooden ladder. There are no limits to imagination. A long plank with a log creates a balance swing, with bricks creating a narrow beam. Place logs or bricks within one step of the child and let them walk on them as if they were balancing stones. Children improve their balance and stability, strengthen their body and motor skills, and, last but not least, develop courage and self-confidence. 

Home: The perfect solution for rainy days

Don't let bad weather spoil children's physical activity. With the MUFFIK obstacle course, you can create a safe and fun playground for little explorers in the comfort of your home. In addition, by combining it with your existing MUFFIK set, you will get a unique orthopedic obstacle course that will support the correct development and coordination of their movement. Lay out the MUFFIK mats to create a fun path full of beams, jumps, and passes. The MUFFIK Active Stump, sticks, circles, wooden footbridges, and balancing stones will serve you for this purpose. Feel free to connect other hidden tools that your household offers, such as cushions, chairs, or tables, to the course and have lots of fun. If the sun is shining outside, take MUFFIK out into the garden to give the children a chance to enjoy their garden obstacle course.

Using MUFFIK Active tools to create obstacle courses at home or outdoors offers a simple and fun solution that promotes healthy movement and development for children. With just a little creativity, the adventure can begin!