This came from the lips of my board gaming buddy after he had momentarily stopped gushing over a piece of hard grass that had literally captivated him, imagining how he could have it under his feet at his computer and massage his feet on it during his game nights and evenings. A moment before, he had been going through one piece after another, centimetre by centimetre, in detail and well-concentrated, probably to find out which of the many pieces we have in our baby club fits him best.

And I think that's actually a brilliant idea. Having Muffik not only in the places where most people walk (hallway, kitchen, corridor) or stand (bathroom, shower, fridge), but it could do a great service under the feet like this when we are already passively sitting in one place for hours.

It honestly wouldn't be much for me personally, as I'm used to sitting with my laptop crossed-legged, i.e., with my legs up, but I could try it somewhere else. I realized that a few times at our board game club, someone had placed Muffik under the table. Admittedly primarily for the reason of not having cold feet from the floor, but it did have an effect. They purposefully chose the most pleasant part and used their feet and fingers to rub against it all the time.

There are, after all, various wooden massage tools that are used while sitting. So why not use Muffik in this way too? And either we choose one particular and most pleasant piece, or we have to rotate every week and change all the available ones. I could see them in schools (primary and secondary) and even in workplaces where people sit passively for long periods. I could put my finger on it. I dare say it would meet with great success.

It's a strange time that someone always has to laugh at someone else for something. Even though they are friends, and even though it's fun, I know that sometimes it's not pleasant at all. And if the general public got used to Muffik in this way, they would accept it as a natural part of their lives. No one could laugh at anyone afterwards for that.

So, just a little reflection, another interesting tip for use and maybe even another reason to spread Muffik even more to the world and people around us :)

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