Are you hiding boxes from Muffik sets? Throwing them out would be a sin, we all know that. But they are made of paper and can be damaged if used regularly. Hmm. So where to put Muffik when we need to sweep, wipe, clean up? Put it somewhere in a pile? I don't even have time to turn it around, the girls spread it all over the apartment, and they still manage to lose two pieces. They even make rugs in the bathroom of the magic set, which is not completely safe, because it is firmer than other pieces, and they slide over each other. How to solve it?

Imagine a storage box made by Muffik to perfectly match the size of puzzles, which not only looks great but can also be used as a stool, so it's a great place to sit at a conference table while playing board games with your family. You can choose from two variants, classic pink / blue and you can also choose the size "small", in which you put one column of Muffik pieces on top of each other or if your collection is larger, you choose the size "large", in which you put two columns of Muffik puzzles.

I generally appreciate storage spaces. The home then looks tidy and in this case I also like that we don't have to have all the parts spread over the entire area of the room, as we used to do, but this way I can take them out and keep them in the box. I can change them every day and thus give a chance to even less crowded puzzles. The girls have their favourite ones, and they skip the others, so I could take it as a strategic move so that no one from the Muffik family is neglected.

 The boxes are 35 cm high, so it will depend a lot on which pieces you store in them. Twister and logs or the coast, for example, are relatively high, you can store fewer of them in the boxes.

You can have storage boxes in the hall when you put on or take off your shoes and need to sit down. They can be in the living room at hand to the table or serve as footstools for tired legs. In the room they serve as a bench at the reading corner or as a stool at the table. Practical, durable, great!

Karol Tišerová – Succesful Czech Mama Blogger