MUFFIK Orthopedic floor are puzzles designed for children from the age of 12 months. The upper limit is not restricted, so the floor is suitable both for children and for adults.


You will receive your order in a box designed for the order. After the unpacking, the floor may be bent. This is not defect, it happens at transport sometimes. In this case, put the puzzles on flat hard surface and it will unbend itself.


Put the pieces together as you please on flat hard surface and then you can use them immediately.


If the floor is dirty, just rinse it with water. If it does not work, use a soft brush and clean it. Let the floor dry out our use a towel. Then it is ready for use.


MUFFIK puzzles are made of PVC and they are anti-slip. They can be used on every flat surface, for example even on the bathroom tiles. ECO puzzles are made of pressed wood. Because of the material, this type is harder and less sprung. ECO puzzles are not anti-slip. We recommend putting them on the carpet.




-       Do not expose to direct sunlight.

-       Do not use on uneven surface.

-       Do not expose to frost.

-       Do not expose the ECO puzzles to water and wet.


You can find inspiration on how to play and have fun with MUFFIK puzzles on our YouTube Channel.


We hope that our puzzles will make you happy and healthy and that you will have a lot of fun with it!