Do you also feel like MUFFIK is not complete, but you don’t know why?
It occurred to me as soon as I saw the new video, in which an absolutely ingenious novelty was captured inconspicuously, but still visibly. The novelty is a smooth end piece! With the end piece, the MUFFIK is perfectly complete.
Not only from a practical point of view, but also in terms of the overall appearance, the end piece raised the standards even higher. It looks much better, completely.
Sometimes I come across a discussion where people discuss that the MUFFIK does not stay together when children run across the tiles, that the pieces disassemble and must be reassembled all the time. People ask others whether it happens to them as well and how they deal with it. We do not have a problem with this (linoleum in the whole apartment). The girls would have to have a lot of fun to disassemble the tiles. I believe that the end piece is a great solution for this problem.
The end piece also prevents an unpleasant tripping, not only for small children who are just getting to know MUFFIK, but also for adults who has to get up to close the window at night or to cover their children with a blanket. It has a bevelled edge to prevent stumbling.
Overall, I was most fascinated by the possibility of having MUFFIK in the shower. It looks so great that I would like to remove the bathtub right now and buy a shower. I immediately imagined MUFFIK retirement homes, where I spent some wonderful practical trainings and where it would be an amazing massage aid. Another thought involved my father-in-law, who would definitely be interested in massaging his feet while showering.
You don't have to start with the challenging pieces like nuts, cones or a hedgehog right away. You can enjoy showering with hard or soft grass, dinosaur eggs or pebbles. You can create a shower set exactly according to your needs and precisely focused on what you like. Whether it is a pleasant walk in the fine rain on the grass or in the pouring rain on the forest cones.
However, if you do not have a shower and the idea of MUFFIK in the bathroom keeps you up in the night, you can make a beautiful on which you can massage your feet right after a relaxing bath.
You can buy the end piece in four different colours – grey, beige, lilac and blue, which allows you to match colours with the MUFFIKs you already have at home!
Karol Tišerová – Successful Czech Mama Blogger