24. A walk in the forest as a meditation

The weather is slowly but surely turning colder, rainy and with the children starting school there is not so much time for walks in the woods. Unless you are an active mushroom picker. So let's create a forest right at home and walk barefoot through it to the sound of meditation music, birds singing or just the sound of the forest.

Choose the pieces of your Muffik orthopaedic flooring collection that most closely resemble a forest. You can choose soft or hard grass, meadow, nuts, of course forest (pine cones), logs, and not to miss the perfect hedgehog, which I would leave last for a deeper foot circulation.

Create the shape that suits you best. You can put together a larger square to walk around. A straight path that you walk to the other end and back again. Or you can create a filled area depending on how many Muffik puzzles you have and go through each piece one centimeter at a time.

If you have a small aromalamp, prepare a scent of forest, rain, meadow, or something else you find pleasing. I personally fell in love with the smell of cedar just recently during a massage and I've never smelled anything like it.

Prepare meditation music according to your mood, take several very slow deep breaths, close your eyes and walk your personal and unique orthopaedic path. Let yourself be carried away by the aroma wafting from the aromalamp. Let the sounds of nature, rain or a forest waterfall guide you. Step by step, use your feet to explore every detail of each piece. In this way you will often notice small details that you would otherwise have missed with the naked eye.

When you feel that your walk is coming to an end, take turns with the children and give them enough space to feel that their walk is over. At that point, they will be much more comfortable taking turns with the others than if the time was set in minutes. Everyone's needs are different and in this case it is better to give enough time to each individual.

You can suggest a walk in the woods as a meditation moment in offices, schools, daycares, grandparents' homes, or anywhere else you feel comfortable. It is really very important to turn your head off for at least a few minutes each day and focus only on what you feel and hear around you.

With Muffik orthopaedic floors you will have many adventures. No matter how old you are or where you are. Have a variety of floors wherever you can and use every step to circulate and massage your feet or for daily meditation.

Let yourself get caught up in the magical world of Muffik and enjoy it with all your senses.


Tišerová Karol - Succesful Czech MAMA Blogger